Leech Line Installation/Repair Quartz Hill CA

Leech Line Installation/Repair Quartz Hill CAA leech field (also known as a drain field) consists of a system of pipes that are laid in gravel beneath the surface of the ground that allows for water to pass into the earth from the septic tank.

Septic systems are designed to work using gravity in order to move wastewater from a house into a septic tank. Once there, the solids from the wastewater are filtered through the tank and the remaining liquid is discharged from the tank to the leech field where it is then absorbed.

When the capacity of the tank is reduced from the collection of solids and debris, the preservation time is reduced which then allows for higher levels of unfiltered sewage to possibly travel into the leech field. This increases the demand upon the leech field to break down the unfiltered debris causing what’s known as a “biomat” to form. This biomat is an unpleasant and harmful layer that prevents the liquid from dissolving into the earth or evaporating through the surface of the ground.

As a result, the efficiency of your Leech Line can be compromised through a lack of proper maintenance. At Allstar Plumbing, our septic specialists have the knowledge and expertise to inspect, repair or install any type of leech line for residents of Quartz Hill to ensure that your entire septic system is operating at peak performance.

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